Finding Kobe Beef online from the right website is a mission. located in New York offers the best quality Tajima kobe beef online. The texture and the marbling is very important factor that affects the Tajima Kobe Beef prices. Each year in Hyogo prefecture there are very limited number of cattle that is raised by at leats 1000 days to get the right amount of marbling.


Japanese government allows Tajima cattle to live longer than any cattle in the US. Japanese government has very strict rules and regulations to raise Tajima cattle, that local cattle farms has to follow. Each cattle has certification at their birth that is proving the blood line of the cattle. Also, the Japanese farmer has to provide the paperwork to show that they fed the Tajima cattle with 100% natural and organic food to be able to get the certification.


Japanese Kobe Beef prices per pound?


It is a very costly process that the farmers has to keep the records, and buy the best feed for their cattle for over 1,000 days which is close to 3 years in raw. Also, in order to get A5 grade marbling from the cattle, the farmers must give some Japanese alcohol (sake) to their cattle and give the cattle a massage after the drink. So, the cow will relax, and feel good. Isn't it a good life for a cattle to eat the best food, stay healthy, and drink sake then get the best massage? I think Tajima Cattle are the luckiest cattle in the world along with the best quality meat that they yield. Best life, best food, and best treatment will yield the best quality meat. That simple....

Shabu - Shabu


All of these factors increase the costs of the animal to raise over 3 years. Authentic Tajima Japanese Kobe beef demand is increasing all over the world. In Australia, and America there are farmers trying to raise the same animal and get A5 grade. However, because of the fact that it is not traditional Japanese way with lots of restrictions, the demand for Authentic Tajima Japanese Kobe Beef imported from Japan is very high. Because of its authenticity, Tajima Kobe Beef is still very difficult to obtain in other countries.


Real Authentic Tajima Kobe beef prices can be seen on We offer the best Authentic Tajima Kobe Beef for the best prices online. There are less than 3,000 Japanese Kobe Beef cattle which yields A5 grade beef that is effecting the prices of the Japanese Wagyu Kobe Beef along its popularity and high demand. Kobe Beef price per pound is varies by the amount of marbling of the cut.


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