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 Japanese Kobe Beef offers an excellent delicacy. Today American food such as hamburgers have different outcome with Japanese Wagyu ground beef. It is more juicy, delicious, tasty and tender with Tajima Kobe Ground beef  that is also called the Japanese Wagyu meat that's the “kobe style beef”.

Wagyu beef on the grill

The Japanese Wagyu beef has been breeded particularly to supply American Wagyu Kobe Beef via mix breeding Black Angus cows and Japanese Wagyu cattle. This mixture brings a wonderful outcome that is similar fantastic marbled texture and flavor providing the same bright dark red coloured Japanese Wagyu steaks.


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Shabu - Shabu


Sometimes it is difficult to find Wagyu Kobe Beef in local restaurants and supper clubs. For people who are unfortunate to acquire and eat delightful and costly steaks there are reasons behind its increasing popularity. For example Wagyu beef steaks known as to have a delightfully elegant, melting and classy texture worldwide. If you are planning to prepare American Wagyu Kobe Beef steaks, you should go for medium rare or rare and you're simply certain to look for a tasty, juicy, tender and buttery Kobe style beef Rib Eye steaks that rest on your grill.


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For your special days and events, you can also cook Japanese Kobe beef steaks with  the classic American technique on your BBQ smoker. Also, cooking American Wagyu Kobe Beef steaks in Japanese way is something you might love to try. Wagyu Beef Steaks in Japanese traditional way is called shabu shabu. Japanese Shabu shabu is thin cuts of juicy adoring convenience by providing boiling hot water to cook the thinly sliced Kobe Beef.


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