Japanese Wagyu

Japanese Kobe Beef - A10 - A12 Grade marbling the king of Steaks

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  1. Kobe Beef Yakiniku

    Japanese YAKINIKU, Japanese BBQ from A5 Authentic Japanese Wagyu Beef

    Starting at: $249.95

    JAPANESE YAKINIKU FROM 100% AUTHENTIC A5 JAPANESE KOBE BEEF WAGYU BEEF 100% Authentic A5 Japanese Yakiniku from Japanese Wagyu Beef is Eastern Barbeque that is very popular in Japan. We have 1 LBS, 2 LBS and 3 LBS available in this listing. Our A5 Authentic Kobe Beef Yakiniku Meats directly from Japan is in very limited quantity that is on Sale here. We receive our Authentic Japanese Beef Yakiniku directly from Japanese cows from Japan. Our Wagyu Kobe Beef Yakiniku, Japanese Yakiniku has a certification directly from Japan. It is available upon request. Please feel free to communicate with our meat expert with your questions. Our customer service phone number is 1-212-380-1273 Learn More

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